Easy Installation

Simplicity is not just in its operation but also in its installation. Our conveyor alignment system replaces existing return rollers and uses existing return bracket bolt holes for the installation of the Sure Align Tracker. Change out of a worn steering roller is quick and easy.  The Sure Align Tracker installs quick and easy, avoiding the high costs of downtime.

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Reliability and Durability

The Sure Align Tracker consists of only 5 components that work continuously to keep the conveyor belt aligned.  Under-belt, return-side installation minimizes exposure to damaging debris and ensures positive contact and tension on a clean belt. Quality construction and simple design will withstand the world’s harshest conditions.

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Guaranteed Results

Since 2004 we have successfully installed and maintained our systems in the mining, aggregate, power plant and the bulk material handling industries. Contact us today to book an evaluation and let us show you what the revolutionary Sure Align Tracker will do for your operations.

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