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sat-logoThe Sure-Align Tracker is a patented belt conveyor alignment system for the mining, oil and gas, and material handling sectors .

Our system is an affordable and proven system which results in immediate increases in safety, productivity and cost savings.

Typical conveyor belt systems inevitably experience belt misalignment. Typical causes of misalignment include:

  • Installation errors
  • Conveyor structure alignment
  • Conveyor machinery alignment
  • Belt splicing / varying belt thickness
  • Defective belt
  • Off center belt loading
  • Material feed / build-up
  • Return idler build-up
  • Pulley build-up
  • Roller brackets askew horizontally / vertically
  • Conveyor with crosswind
  • Environmental factors

The possible effects of belt misalignment include:

  • Increased wear on pulleys and belts
  • Increased friction
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Increased noise and vibration
  • Premature bearing and belt failure
  • Structural damage
  • Belt damage

The effects post potential risks such as:

  • Spillage
  • Friction fires
  • Loss in productivity due to unscheduled maintenance
  • Belt destruction
  • Loss of money
  • Injury and/or death

The Sure-Align Tracker stands out from the competitors in these key differences:

  • Tracks slow speed feeder belts
  • Manufactured using quality parts
  • Large bearing inserts and SKF bearings used for rollers
  • Installed on the clean side of the belt
  • Simple roller replacement
  • Works on any size belt
  • Works on any belt speeds
  • Effective in any environmental condition
  • Adjustable to specific belt positioning requirements
  • Pivot members work with all roller sizes
  • Minimal space required for installation
  • Dual flat and Vee trackers installed the clean side of the belt
  • Cema E,F and G rollers

The above differences lead to the following benefits to our customers:

  • Longer belt life
  • Less belt wear
  • Less roller wear
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Fewer unscheduled stops / less downtime
  • Higher throughput due to less spillage
  • Less clean-up
  • Safer working environment

Several products make up the Sure Align Tracker systems. The differences in design were born from the requirements of different conveyor systems, but the proven effectiveness is the same.

  • Flat Return Tracker
  • Dual Flat Return Tracker
  • V Return Tracker

Demand for the Sure Align Tracker System is growing and our design team is continuously improving and developing product to meet your needs.