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Since 2004, we have successfully, installed and maintained our conveyor belt alignment systems within the mining,  aggregate,  power plant and bulk material handling industries. Here’s what a few of them had to say about Sure Align Tracker.

September 30,2009
Lafarge Canada purchased two Sure Align Trackers from Conveyors Plus in the last 1 1/2 years .These units were installed on two 36” incline fabric belt conveyors. Tracking issues were a major problem on the belt conveyors causing major damage to belts and conveyor structures. Since the units were installed, production has increased, maintenance cost reduced and misalignment issues have improved significantly.The safety, professionalism and expertise made it a pleasant experience to deal with them.

Roger Paquette
Operations Manager
Lafarge Canada Inc.
Paste Fill Project Timmins

August 25, 2009
Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the “Sure Align Tracker ” rollers Conveyors Plus have set us up with.

The Kiruna system on 4400 level at Xstrata Copper mine site consists of 5 incline conveyors, 4-1200’ and 1 200’. The conveyors are steel core and 60” wide. These conveyors are a life line in moving muck from our #4 shaft up and across to #2 shaft. We are scheduled to hoist 2.7 million tonnes this year and it all has to go through the kiruna system before being hoisted to surface. In order for us to meet that target we have to limit or eliminate any unnecessary delays. During start up of the Kiruna system in 2004 we were using many standard tracking rollers. These rollers were required to try to keep these long heavy belts in line. The standard roller hung down approximately 18” from the conveyor frame making some dangerous pinch points and limiting what type of vehicle could be used for clean up and ramp travel. The standard designed roller would accumulate fines and then cease turning, once stopped would act as a scrapper and piles of fines would accumulate under the belt. This could and has resulted in belts not tracking properly causing belt damage and unnecessary delays for excessive clean up. Work Crews would be set up to blitz cleaning while belts were down for maintenance. Since we started using the Sure Align Tracker roller installed about 80’ apart as suggested we have noticed a clear advantage- No more delays for belt out of alignment. Operators report there is night and day difference with clean up under entire length of belts, Alignment rollers and belts are lasting longer. We have gained back about 18” of clearance which makes clean up and everyday travel a much safer journey. And for this I would like to express my sincere gratitude. Please feel free to use myself as a reference any time.

Best Regards,

Doug Maki
Oreflow supervisor
Xstrata Copper Timmins Operation

May 30, 2009
We have 6 Sure Align Tracker rolls on our site at Goldcorp Porcupine Gold Mines. Four are in use on our overland conveyor that feeds the Secondary Crusher on our 36 conveyor. They were installed about 1 ½ years ago with great success. We then added two on our incline 42 conveyor with the same success. We had been experiencing a lot of side travel issues with these two conveyors prior to installing the Sure Align Trackers. After Dave from Conveyors Plus installed them our side travel issues were eliminated. I would recommend this system to anyone that has conveyor side travel issues.

Jim Hall
Crusher Mtce. Supervisor

June 6, 2009
Conveyors Plus has done some excellent work for our company especially in the area of conveyor belt alignment. The company’s products have come from many years of actual hands experience on various types of conveying systems and dealing with that very troubling concern of misalignment. In our mine with some fairly long belts operating in some tough conditions and carrying in the most part run of mine ore (uncrushed) misalignment was a major issue which concluded in belt damage and spillage.

Since the installation of the Conveyor Plus’s Sure Align Tracker belt alignment equipment we have seen a great improvement on belt life and reduced spillage, I am more than satisfied with the outcome.

Yours Truly,

Chris Pollard
Manager of maintenance and Plant Operations
Xstrata Copper
Kidd Mining Division

I Supervise under ground fixed plant maintenance which includes 60” wide conveyor belt systems. Since the installation of the Sure Align tracker system, belt misalignment and offloading issues improved significantly.

In turn, high costs stemming from misalignment caused damage to belts, take-ups, return roller brackets and higher energy costs. Approximately thirty units were installed eighty feet apart on the return side of five inclined conveyors. Availability and conveyor life has improved thus reducing costs.

The Sure Align trackers are being installed on # 4 mine systems as the standard tracking rollers fail.

Guy Cournoyer
Kidd Mine Fixed Plant Supervisor
Xstrata Copper